How Will Brexit Affect the Fashion Industry?

By: Sheila Nsue Nfono Brexit has been an ongoing subject of the global political debate and widely covered by the media. Since the referendum that put the United Kingdom (the “UK”) in a unique and unprecedented position, as the first Member State to leave the European Union (the “EU”), the British Government has been continuously working to set the terms of the future rel... Czytaj dalej »

Do You Want to Work in the Fashion Industry in the US? It’s Possible!

Those who know me probably have already realized that nothing is impossible is my personal mantra and that fashion is my great passion. I decided to write this post as numerous people have asked me how to build a fashion career in the United States. It is really possible and you can start your American dream very so... Czytaj dalej »

Are We Really Running Out of Innovation?

Robert Gordon’s vision, presented in his book "The Rise and Fall of American Growth,” is quite reasonable, but also pessimistic. As I was reading his thoughts that after the 1970s the standard economic measure of impact of innovation and technological changes has significantly slowed down, the Roman Empire came to my mind. Again, the title of Gordon’s work is “The Rise and Fall ... Czytaj dalej »

How Do You Apply to Law School in the United States?

Becoming a lawyer is a long process that requires a lot of dedication. However, every legal career starts with a law school application. I'd like to introduce you to the initial step everyone has to take in order to become a lawyer in the United States. There are primarily two ways to achieve it, which I discussed in this Czytaj dalej »

Should Strong Trademarks Receive Narrower Scope of Protection?

Trademark Law: Avoiding Confusion Among Consumers The original idea behind trademark law was to protect consumers. Under the current legal regime in the United States, the distinctiveness of a certain mark is what is actually protected under the law. However, the governing likelihood of confusion test, contrary to what its name suggests,... Czytaj dalej »

Foreigner’s Guide: How to Become a Lawyer in the United States?

Back-to-school season inspired me to finally write a post about becoming a lawyer in the United States. People often ask me: "Can you become a lawyer if you're not a US citizen?" The answer is YES. However, this career path for a foreigner can be really challenging and daunting at times. There are primarily two ways to gain the ability to practice law in the... Czytaj dalej »

Anna Meets Fashion
and the the Law

Welcome Everyone! I started this blog as I would like to introduce you to two passions of mine: fashion and the law. My goal is to provide you with both practical and theoretical understanding about what this emerging area of law is. However, don’t expect purely legal posts. I will interview people who inspire me, cover the most interesting events, discuss the changes in the fashion industry (als... Czytaj dalej »

Fashion Law 101

The twenty-first century has redefined fashion – fashion has achieved a status of an over trillion dollar global industry. Consumers around the world wear the same brands; more and more people are able to name the key designers; haute couture designs are moving exhibitions of craft. Fashion is not only about apparel anymore; it is a complex phenomenon that refers to disciplines such as art, sociology, bu... Czytaj dalej »

Have You Ever Tried to Define Creativity?

A question how constraints affect creativity has been a subject of an ongoing debate for decades. Not only psychologists, but also intellectual property law experts argue how restrictions promote or discourage creativity. Joseph Fishman’s article “Creating Around Copyright” inspired me to write how broad or narrow constraint scope contributes to increase in it. Fishman outlines nu... Czytaj dalej »